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This is Daisy 👩‍🦰

🖤She’s a bleach specialist and queen of creative colour.
🖤She’s the life and soul of the party (and usually the loudest in the room).
🖤She’s got a fur baby called Moon who’s on his way to Insta fame.
🖤She’s a shopaholic. Asos should really just give her a delivery driver to herself.

This is Connor 🙋‍♂️

🖤He’s been a hair dresser for 9 years and started out brewing up as a Saturday boy when he was 15.
🖤He’s the biggest Britney super fan (feel free to test him).
🖤He secretly loves it when people say he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.
🖤He’s got THE most infectious laugh and loves a glass of red wine… Okay a bottle.

Image by Tim Mossholder
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🖤He loves doing balayage but ask him to cut a mullet and he’ll be your friend for life.
🖤He’s a self-appointed brand ambassador for Kylie Minogue Wine #Kylie4life.
🖤He always puts his friends and family first.
🖤He’s our resident monopoly expert… And definitely doesn’t steal from the bank.

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